Ottawa Community Music Network

Promoting Community Music in the National Capital Region

This site is new and currently under construction. We welcome any individuals interested in developing any aspects of this network, resources, or programming.  

What is Community Music?

Community Music refers to the practice of inclusive and participatory musicking among a diverse group of people in a community, who collaborate in specific ways for personal and collective growth, empowerment, and social transformation. It includes engagement through performance and music education, but strives to achieve much more than that. 

Leaders in Community Music

Those engaged as leaders in Community Music recognize, facilitate, and nurture its transformative and empowering potential to promote lifelong learning, empathetic hospitality, social activism, cultural democracy, critical thinking, and/or health and well being.

A Network for Community Music in Ottawa 

To support the practice of community music, this site is dedicated to promoting its practice in the national capital region, but also to support the leaders and practitioners via resources, research, and a network of like-minded CM facilitators.

Ottawa Community Music Network: About Us

FORUM for Dialogue

The OCMN hopes to encourage and facilitate dialogue among community music leaders with shared values. Mutually supportive, empowering, pragmatic, and collaborative.
Facebook Group:  A social media platform for dialogue among members.

RESOURCES for Research

The field of CM is relatively new as an academic discipline. With members' contributions, this site will compile both academic literature and informal resources that will promote best CM practices and advocacy.
Resources: Links 


Community Music groups and facilitators can spread the word about their organization and projects to the public. Please add your name and organization if you are enegaged in CM activities.


Through conversation, research empowerment, and outreach, we can promote community music work in the region and inform community leaders and lawmakers about the tremendous societal value of CM. We believe everybody should have an opportunity to engage with musicking. Advocacy

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